Copyediting and proofreading


Copyediting and proofreading

The readability of a text depends to a great extent on its clarity: a good idea poorly expressed might not seem like a very good idea at all to the people a writer is trying to connect with. Copy editors improve the style, clarity, coherence and cohesion of a text, eliminate superfluous repetitions, check the accuracy of contents, and standardise punctuation, spelling and grammar to conform with standards laid out in a client’s own style book or another authoritative guide such as The Oxford Guide to Style or The Chicago Manual of Style.

Once a copy editor has finished his or her work, our proofreaders review dummies and layouts to check for any typos and potential errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation or syntax that the copy editor might have missed. Syntagmas copy editors and proofreaders adapt to both the formats your specific job requires (Word/Open Office, PDF files, or printed documents) and your deadlines.

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